Oh hai! I made this coat a long time ago, testing the Freemantle Coat pattern for Marilla Walker. Unfortunately, I was super sick while I finished it up and then it promptly got way too cold for it here in the frozen north. I’ve snuck in a few wears, but never had a chance to take new photos, so here are my sick testing photos! Complete with doggy photo bombs.






Coat Details:

Pattern: Freemantle Coat from Marilla Walker (I received this pattern free to test, which if you’ve ever made a coat, you know is definitely a big chunk of work! But I’m happy with the result!)

Size: 4

Fabric: This lovely double faced brushed wool from Emma One Sock

Alterations/Changes: None as I was testing. Although I did make my own bias tape using this method for the first time…definitely my go-to from now on! I used the same yummy flannel as here because I just had to have plaid flannel bias tape. Also, I bought a bias tape foot which made such a huge difference for this project because I applied over 12 yards of tape!

Overall, I really like this pattern. It’s a bit of a departure from my usual style and it’s veering into man-repeller territory, but it is like wearing a cozy blanket. Yum. If I make it again, I might make the sleeves slightly more narrow because it’s tricky to carry a tote with these sleeves.



So you may have seen this on Instagram already, but Ingrid and I came up with an idea to swap Lindens, and the response has been overwhelming! I can’t believe how many of you are on board! If you want to join in, there’s still plenty of time, especially since this is such a quick sew.

All you need is the Grainline Studio Linden pattern and a buddy. Send each other size info and any color or style preferences. Then send each other surprise Lindens! If you share them on Instagram with the #lindenswap hashtag, I’ll share them as part of a round-up post on Valentine’s Day to celebrate this awesome online sewing community.

Also, if you need a buddy, send me an email at ohshedabbles@gmail.com and I’ll try to hook you up!

Here are a few crappy iPhone pictures of my 11 Lindens (9 don’t really count…I made them as gifts for my sewing class at the end of the term).

Happy swapping and I can’t wait to see what you make!




Hey everyone! Are you sick of year-end posts yet? Well, let me add one more to the bunch! Sewing became so much more of a part of my life this year, and it was fantastic! Putting myself out there and going to the Crafty Foxes sewing club for the first time in June has lead to some amazing friendships and inspirational fellow-sewists, including Katy & Laney, Jenny, Ping, MacKenzie, Jessica, and Sarah. I’ve also made some great international blog friends (I’m looking at you Ingrid and Marilla!).

Because I’m a nerd (really and truly) I like to make a graph of my makes. This year, I couldn’t believe how much I made!!


Ten of the things I made were gifts and ten others didn’t ever make it to the blog, but some of them will soon! I also wanted to share a few of my favorite makes of the year. The photos below link to the original posts!






Thanks for hanging in with me during this crazy year of sporadic blogging! 2015 is shaping up to be an awesome year with some exciting changes in my own life which will give more time for sewing and blogging!






Dress c/o eShakti//Tights: Target//Shoes: Steve Madden

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to the Boston Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker. It was such a delightful show! I have been dying to see it but have had a hard time justifying the expense. Imagine my excitement when I won two tickets from Elissa! I pretty much never win anything (and I enter A LOT of giveaways) so I could hardly believe it was real! We went to a matinee, which was delightful because we were able to get a leisurely meal afterwards in the Theater District.

Luckily, I had also just received the perfect dress for the day! I have a hard time buying retail since starting to sew my own clothes in earnest, but eShakti is one shop I’m always pleased with. They customize the piece you order in a number of different ways, starting with custom measurements. You can just order a straight size, but why not have a piece that’s tailored specifically to you? You can also usually change the neckline, skirt length, and sleeve length to name a few. This is my third experience with eShakti and I’ve been really happy with all the garments. This was the first time since starting to sew, so I was curious if I’d still feel the same. Three strangers complimented me on the dress in the span of an hour, and I felt lovely in it. So yes, it’s safe to say I’m thrilled!

PS. It was flipping freezing when we were taking these photos (in case the ruddy cheeks weren’t a giveaway). Blogger problems, I tell you.


Just a quick hello today, as I’m spending the holidays in California with my family. I’ve seen lots of beautiful Christmas dresses around the sewing sphere. But not me. I made Christmas pajamas. Because I’m fancy.




Dudes! Check out that pattern matching!! On the pants, I only lined up the bottom plaid line and hoped for the best. But it all came together nicely! And created the coziest, most well-fitting pajamas I have!

Pajama Details

Pattern: McCall’s M6249, made without instructions because I borrowed the pattern from Ping

Size: 12 with a C-cup. I really should have been a 14 based on measurements, but Ping’s copy only went to a 12 and they actually fit great!

Fabric: Yummy flannel from Grey’s Fabric

Alterations/Changes: No idea! Ha. No instructions so I just winged it and everything worked out!