I am currently out of town for two weeks taking a course all about whales at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor. It’s gorgeous here and my days are packed full of interesting lectures and trips out on the water to look for whales and seals (so far only seals and one harbor porpoise). But, I don’t have much in the way of my usual posting for you so today is going to look a bit different. I finished two makes just before (well one actually on) this trip so I thought I’d share those. Please forgive the iPhone photos :)

First up, I got this beautiful fabric from Atelier Brunette which arrived from France on Saturday morning (I left for my trip on Sunday). This fabric was so worth the wait! It is like a heavy weight cotton voile and is so soft with a beautiful hand feel. Plus, their prints are amazing!

photo 4

So of course, I tossed it in the washer immediately and as soon as it was clean and dry, I cut it up and made a Laurel!

photo 1

I finished the entire Laurel except for hand-sewing the piping and hem by Saturday night, so I brought the dress with me and finished it here in my dorm room, haha!

And then I wore it immediately. You guys, I love this dress so much! And posed with a fin whale skull, which, newsflash, is HUGE!

photo 2

The other new make I whipped up (this one on Friday) was a pair of True Bias’ new pattern, the Hudson Pant. Despite it being summer, up here on the coast of Maine, it gets quite chilly as soon as the sun goes down or when you’re out on the water, so a pair of flattering sweats was just what the doctor ordered.

photo 5

Last night, we went into Acadia National Park for an evening star talk by the rangers and I was SO glad to have these cozy pants. On the beach at night, it was probably 45 degrees at most!

photo 3

And now, our regularly scheduled sewing details!

Dress Details:

Pattern: Laurel Dress by Colette Patterns

Size: 2

Fabric: Bye Bye Birdie from Atelier Brunette, lined with navy cotton voile from my stash

Alterations/Changes: I cut the size 0 length and took out almost all of the hip curve (I did that originally for this dress, so I’m not sure exactly how much I took out.) I also lowered the front neckline by 3/4″ and the underarm by 5/8″. I added 5/8″ in length to either side of the sleeve and made the sleeves 4″ long. Pretty sure it is the perfect shape now!!

Pants Details: 

Pattern: Hudson Pant by True Bias

Size: 8 (based on hip measurement)

Fabric: Ponte (leftover from these pants) and polka dots salvaged from this rookie mistake

Alterations/Changes: For these, I followed the recommendation of choosing a size based on hip measurement (for reference, my hips measure 38.5″) and selected the size 8. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have skinny legs, especially relative to my hip width, so at first the pants looked more like true 90′s sweatpants…not exactly the look I was going for. Plus, if you look at Kelli’s versions (as well as the pattern testers) they were much more fitted. My pair fit perfectly through the hips, so I put them on and pinned them to fit along both the inseam and side seam of each leg. I ended up taking out about 1/2″ out of each side at the mid-thigh, 3/4″ out of each side at the knee, 1/2″ out of each side at the calf, and 1″ out of each side at the ankle. I took 5/8″ out of the ankle cuff, because I liked the way they fit originally. I’m so happy with how these fit now…a little more like loose leggings. And I already have another pair planned!


fuchsia flora1

fuchsia flora3

fuchsia flora2

fuchsia flora4

My dog likes to sleep with her head hanging off her bed, in case you were wondering!

Dress: Self-made, details below//Belt: J.Crew//Sandals: Target//Bracelet: my mom’s//Earrings: Olive Yew (you can’t really see them in photos, but they are my new favorites!)

This is an example of a wearable muslin (oh, how I wish I was fancy enough to say “toile”) that ended up being extremely wearable indeed. So far, it has made its way to a wedding, graduation, and baby shower (also known as the “early summer trifecta”). Pictured above is how I wore it for the baby shower. For the wedding, I subbed in these shoes, this clutch, and some dangly turquoise earrings. Turns out, I love this dress! It’s swishy and fun to wear but plenty covered up so I don’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. I love the high square neckline paired with the short skirt-front. And the pleats! The pleats on this skirt are ingenious!! It’s a huge circle skirt but it lays so flat at the waist which I absolutely adore. In addition to another dress, I’m making a Flora skirt as well.

Dress Details:

Pattern: Flora by By Hand London

Size: Graded from a 6 at the bust to halfway between an 8 and a 10 at the waist and back to a 6 at the hips.

Fabric: Super cheap poly/rayon “linen” from Joann’s. Seriously, I got it for $2.50 a yard and it actually is a delight to wear…doesn’t wrinkle, has a nice amount of body and drape.

Alterations/Changes: Besides grading between sizes, I didn’t change anything on this version. For the next one, I think I will shorten the front waist darts by 1/2″ and pinch 1/4″ out of each side of the upper back. Otherwise, it fits wonderfully as is. Oh, and maybe shorten the bodice by 1/2″ to 1″ but I’m not sure…what do you guys think?

Pictures of the guts (a seriously invisible invisible zipper and pretty innards!)

fuchsia flora7

fuchsia flora5

fuchsia flora6

Some other lovely Floras I’ve seen around the web lately:

The floral Ingrid used is so fun!

Carly’s herringbone Flora skirt and matching crop top are blowing my mind.

Dixie’s has been up for a while (she was a pattern tester) but I love the tipped skirt.

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Shirt: Self-made (details below)//Skirt: Self-made (details below)//Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens//Earrings: Olive Yew Jewels

Variations on this outfit have become my summer uniform. It’s easy to wear, I feel put together, and my hair is my statement accessory, ha! But it’s no surprise, since I’m a total fangirl, that I often find myself in at least one Grainline Studio piece. Today, we’ve got two! Also, she has a new pattern coming out for a shirt dress which I may or may not (totally do) have multiple fabrics washed, ironed, and ready to go for when it’s available. There is not, in fact, a strange diagonal pleat on the front of this shirt; it was super windy while taking these pictures!

Shirt Details:

Pattern: Archer Shirt by Grainline Studio

Size: 4

Fabric: Leftover from this dress, a little yardage left here

Alterations/Changes: This is another sleeveless popover version, so I started with all the alterations I made for this version. Then, I shortened it by 3″ and narrowed the shoulders by another 1″ and took out 1/2″ under each arm, tapering to nothing at about 3″ down from underarm. I also left off the collar and finished both the hem and arm holes with bias tape and a hand-stitched invisible hem.

Skirt Details:

Pattern: Moss Skirt by Grainline Studio

Size: 8

Fabric: Home decor fabric from Ikea so I could be like Jen and Kelly!

Alterations/Changes: The only change I made was to lengthen the skirt by 1″. I think I might try a 10 next time as it’s a bit tight in the hips.

Here are some guts pictures from Instagram (@shedabbles):

photo 1 photo 2

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It’s the first day of summer! And the longest day of the year! And in honor of that, I’m  putting pictures of myself in swimsuits on the internet. Eeep. But seriously, this was my first attempt at swimwear and the pattern was awesome! I haven’t seen any other than Lauren’s (here and here) and Kat’s around yet so I thought it might be helpful to those who are considering the pattern!

I made two versions: the one-piece and the bikini top with high waisted bottoms.

First up, the one-piece:


(That’s my “am I really going to put this on the internet??” face)



And the two piece:



Swimsuit Details:

Pattern: Soma Swimsuit by Papercut Patterns; one-piece, bikini top var. 1, and high waisted bikini pant

Size: XS top, S bottom

Fabric: One-piece: Fabric and lining from The Fabric Fairy, fold-over elastic from Grey’s Fabric; Two-piece: Fabric from Girl Charlee, lining and fold-over elastic from The Fabric Fairy

Alterations/Changes: Nothing major! As I said, this was a great pattern. It definitely requires patience and attention to detail but as a knit newbie I ended up with a great finished product using only my sewing machine. Here’s what I did differently: I salvaged cups from old swimsuit tops and stitched them to the inside of the lining. I covered the bra strapping on the one piece with scraps of the swimsuit fabric by cutting 1.5″ strips and stitching them with right sides together with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Then I cut down the seam allowance, turned it rightside out and fed the elastic through. I could only find bra-strapping at Joann’s in black or white and I felt like it wouldn’t look good with the rest of the suit. On the two-piece, I trimmed the top of the bottoms with the fold-over elastic and covered some 1/4″ elastic with the fold-over elastic for the straps.

Also, NB: placing large-scale ikat on a swimsuit is VERY difficult. It took me a long time to  make sure I didn’t have a vagina on my vagina…as it is, I totally do, but at least it’s not noticeable while I’m wearing it!

Some photos of the guts:

papercut patterns soma swimsuit

papercut patterns soma swimsuit

papercut patterns soma swimsuit

papercut patterns soma swimsuit

papercut patterns soma swimsuit

 What do you think? Would you ever try making swimsuits??


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Sweater: J.Crew Factory//Shorts: Gap//Necklace: The Knotty Owl//Shoes: Saltwater Sandals

SUMMERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. After my wordy last post, I don’t have much to say…except it’s summer, I love this necklace, and I like that my mint hair becomes very subtle in a topknot.

And another gratuitous puppy shot:


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