Shirt: Self-made (details below)//Pants: Gap (hand-me-downs)//Bracelet: Mom’s hand-me-down//Shoes: Gap

Guys, I’m really happy with my latest make! It’s my first successful plaid matching (thanks to tutorials from Jen and Lauren). And, I’ve already worn it twice in the week since I finished it. The Heidi braids help mitigate the grandpa nature of the shirt, but hey, grandpa chic is kinda my thing!




Shirt Details

Pattern: Archer Button Up by Grainline Studios

Size: 4

Fabric: Rural Jardin Woven from Grey’s Fabric

Alterations/Changes: I lengthened the body by 1.5″ like last time. Also, I made short, cuffed sleeves. I cut the sleeve off with a 4″ underarm seam and did a double 1″ cuff, ending up with a total underarm seam length of 2″.

I’m getting pretty quick at this pattern now….I cut the fabric on Sunday and made most of the shirt. Monday was collar attachment day, using this tutorial again, and on Tuesday, it was just hems, buttons, and button holes!

Seriously, check out that plaid matching!

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Sweater: Old Navy//Shirt: Le Tote//Pants: Gap//Shoes: Clarks

It’s Wednesday. It’s sunny and delightful. But I have few words. (See “it’s Wednesday”) Although, this shirt is so soft and bright, it gave me some extra smiles. I hope you have had some smiles to get through your Wednesday!





Sweater: Le Tote//Jeans: Gap//Shoes: TOMS//Necklace: Montserrat de Lucca

Today was such a beautiful sunny day. It finally really feels like spring. It changes my mood so much. I was sitting on the train this morning basking in the sunshine. Okay it’s still a little chilly though, so this sweater from Le Tote was the perfect addition. I tried to make it a little more springy with light denim and burlap wedges. Now, if it would just stay this warm, I’d be happy!

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Coat: Gap (old)//Sweater: Lands’ End Canvas//Shirt: Self-made, details here//Pants: Gap//Boots: Diba//Hat: self-made, details below

Okay, I know it’s technically spring, but these 20 degree days certainly don’t feel like it. At least the sun is starting to feel warm. But the wind…oh man the wind! I just finished making this hat on St. Patrick’s Day and I’m so glad I did. I debated about making another hat just before spring started, but I pretty much have not taken it off since I finished it. You can wear it slouchy or folded over and I love it equally both ways. I also love the pom-pom. I want to make this hat in all of the colors now. I’m going to share all the details with you, but first….


Seriously. So windy. This photo cracked me up so I had to share it. I love what’s happening with my bangs.

Hat Details

Pattern: A Most Bespeckled Hat by Dull Roar

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted Merino in Olive and Natural

Alterations/Changes: I knit the brim on size 5 needles instead of size 7 so that it wouldn’t be too big. It worked perfectly!

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Shirt: Ann Taylor//Skirt: Le Tote//Tights: J.Crew//Scarf c/o The Seam Designs//Shoes: TJ Maxx

Happy Spring! In honor, I’m wearing nothing even remotely spring-y. Well, my tights aren’t lined with fleece and my forearms are exposed. So there’s that. Also, I’m loving this skirt. Have you heard of Le Tote? This is my first time trying them out and it’s such a neat concept. For $49 a month, you get a box full of clothes and accessories that you can wear as much as you want and send back whenever you’re done. You can also keep it if you fall in love, but you can get unlimited totes per month. My first tote was so fun and this skirt was a prime selection. You can choose items you like and add them to your “closet” and that helps the folks at Le Tote know what your style is. It feels like a fun way to access some fast fashion while sharing the pieces with a bunch of other people. If you’d like to try it out, I’d highly recommend it!

NB: Le Tote gave me $15 off my first month to try this out, but otherwise I was not compensated for this post.

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