Between my crazy commute and my Konmari attack of my sewing room and wardrobe, I haven’t had much time to sew lately (post Ginger jeans…more photos coming soon!). I’ve been doing a bunch of knitting (which you’ll see if you’re following on Instagram @shedabbles) but I’m getting really excited to plan my spring sewing. There are a few remaining items from my winter sewing plans (the silk Archer, the chambray Alder shirt variation, and maybe the Clover pants, though I’m thinking of using that burgundy twill to make another pair of Ginger jeans…) Also, I’m planning on buying no more fabric for a while…I have so much!! So, much of this will be made from my existing stash.

spring sewing

What’s in your queue for spring sewing?


One of my goals this year was to figure out making jeans and bras. With all this snow, I’ve tackled both already! This week was my school vacation and I loaded up the dog and all my sewing supplies and headed up to my parents’ house in Maine. I figured if I couldn’t get somewhere warm, I could at least create my own little sewing retreat (complete with Mom’s delicious cooking!) I was up there for 4 days and managed to make my test Gingers and a pair using yummy denim from the kit! Up first today, my test pair.







I have worn these for the last two days, so they’re a little bit stretched out but I’m so happy with my first attempt at pants! Heather’s sew-along was immensely helpful and I just took my sweet sweet time. The second pair came together much more quickly once I had a handle on the steps. There are definitely a couple little fit issues, but they’re far better than any RTW jeans I’ve ever had and far more comfortable. Definitely a wearable muslin!

Jeans Details

Pattern: Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Files

Size: 10, view B

Fabric: Denim from Girl Charlee (similar), Rivets from the kit, and pocket fabric gifted from Ingrid in my Linden Swap package!

Alterations/Changes: I cut a straight size 10 based on my waist and hip measurements and made no changes for this pair. I did use the tutorial for adding a pocket stay on the front pockets which I highly recommend. So comfy!! They fit pretty darn well for zero adjustments, but there’s a little extra fullness in the front crotch that I took care of for my next pair. Also, I have really skinny legs compared to my hip/waist measurement, so they don’t exactly look like skinny jeans on me…more like the stovepipe legs of view A. But it works for me. They’re so comfortable and I think they are pretty flattering too. I still have the thinner denim from the kit unused so I might keep the hip/waist as is and size down the legs to get the skinny jean feel for those.


Feel the love! What an awesome online sewing community we have! The response to the Linden Swap was so exciting. Ingrid and I were thrilled that so many of you wanted to play along. I know a lot of swaps are still in progress, but I thought I’d share the initial roundup today to celebrate this awesome community. Don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram with #lindenswap or email them to me at to be included in the next roundup!

Ingrid and Carrie (me)


Ute and Marilla


Kirsten and Malin


Jess and Charnelle


Monika and Ute


Katy and Charlotte

Linden Swap 3tag_lindenswap_1423644692

Laura and Laney


Nicoletta and Katryna

tag_lindenswap_1423830982image (2)


Thanks so much for playing along and keep sharing those pictures!! Stay tuned for another Linden Swap roundup next month!





Sorry, friends, no bewbs in this one! (Although my Crafty Foxes ladies got a sneak peek…oh, wine…) Anyway, I made my very first bra! I’ve already started the Marlborough bra, but I don’t wear a lot of underwire bras on a regular basis so I’m having a hard time motivating to finish it. Frankly, my sew-jo is on vacation at the moment. But I have vacation coming up, so I’m hopeful that I’ll get it back (I’m planning on a Ginger Jean and Cascade Duffle vacation!)

This Watson Bra was such a fun and easy make. I LOVE it! And I’ve already worn it in real life twice. I bought a bunch of fun stretch lace and stretch mesh so there are many more Watsons to come.

Bra Details

Pattern: Watson Bra by Cloth Habit

Size: 32C, which is my RTW size

Fabric: It was quite a project finding all these findings (ha!) so I’ll list out what I got for you.

  • Lace: Stretch Lace from
  • Lining: Lightweight stretch mesh from
  • Elastic for top of cup and underarms: Picot lace from Porcelynne on Etsy, dyed
  • Strap elastic: 1/2″ matte strapping plush elastic from Sew Sassy Fabrics, dyed
  • Band elastic: 1/2″ finishing plush elastic from Sew Sassy Fabrics, dyed
  • Rings and sliders: 1/2″ clear plastic from Sew Sassy Fabrics
  • Hook and Eye closure: Dyeable hook & eye tape from Porcelynne on Etsy, cut to size, heat sealed, and dyed

Alterations/Changes: Instead of interfacing the cradle or using a tricot lining, I just used two layers of the stretch mesh. I also lined all the other pieces with a single layer of the stretch mesh. I dyed the elastics and closures using RIT dye, because I had it at home. I dyed them all together using the pearl grey color…Half of them ended up grey and the other half ended up navy somehow. Oh well, at least those are the two colors of the bra! Ha!

What do you think? Would you ever attempt a bra?? I’m getting closer to an all me-made wardrobe!








Talk about getting it in under the wire! I just finished in time for Rigel Bomber January!  Thanks to my double snow day week, I got my Rigel Bomber finished just before the end of January and managed to snag pictures (and brunch) with Jenny and Laney today. I’ve had this pattern for a while, but just wasn’t sure what textiles I wanted to use. I’ve been on a bit of a stash diet, so having it be a stash buster helped narrow things down…the wool is leftover from the coat I made Phil last year, the ribbing is left over from this Linden Sweatshirt, the perforated pleather from Emma One Sock had been in my stash for a while, and the linings were scraps as well. I’m so pleased with how this jacket turned out!

The trickiest part of this jacket was lining it. I was short on time and patience so I didn’t want to do any hand sewing. I followed Katy’s tutorial to draft the lining. Kat’s tutorial gave me the tip for how to sew in the ribbing to the front facing. I then attached the facing as instructed in the pattern and continued to stitch around the front extension, making sure that the ribbing was tucked up out of the way. When I reached the pivot point at the top of the ribbing, I stopped. I then clipped the lining to that point just like you did with the main jacket fabric. Then I pinned the lining all the way around the ribbing and stitched within the seam allowance. Finally, I used Jen’s tutorial for attaching sleeve linings. And there you have it. A fully bagged lining with not a stitch of hand sewing. I’ll take it!

Jacket Details

Pattern: Rigel Bomber by Papercut Patterns

Size: XS at the top, graded to a S at the hips

Fabric: see above

Alterations/Changes: Aside from lining it and grading between sizes, I also added 1″ in length to the sleeves.


Some funny outtakes from this morning: My Cashmerette pose! And my “I don’t know what to do with my hands” picture.




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