Hi all! It’s been a crazy few months around Casa Dabbles. Complete with new jobs, travel, 31st birthdays, and a billion and five weddings (Phil playing drums at some, me attending others). I knew this was going to be a summer full of weddings, so I decided back in May to make my dress for summer weddings. Enter the Anna dress. I love the silhouette and the ease of this dress. Plus it can be dressed up or down so easily. I wore mine to three different weddings in very different venues, including officiating my sister’s wedding on the top of a mountain. Here are some photos from the last of the three, which was this past weekend, and also happened to fall on my 31st birthday.



This was at fellow Crafty Fox Katy’s wedding in Tulum, MX. A few other Crafty Foxes were able to attend as well…and we unintentionally ended up matching haha.

Here I am earlier this summer officiating my sister’s wedding in the Tahoe area.

eddy-17And at another dear friend’s wedding the day before my sister’s wedding. Phew.

This is one well-traveled and well-loved dress.

Dress Details

Pattern: Anna Dress by By Hand London

Size: 8 in bust, graded to 10

Fabric: Frock Rayon

Alterations/Changes: A slight sway-back adjustment, and the grading noted above. But otherwise made completely as written!

And sometimes, photos are too funny not to share. Oh, the wind…






Shirt: Self-made, blogged here//Pants: J.Crew//Shoes: Saltwater Sandals//Watch c/o JORD 

I’ve been finding myself drawn to neutrals and natural feeling materials. This double gauze popover has been getting so much wear during Me Made May, and in general. I just got some new Nani Iro double gauze as well and I think I might have to make another wrap blouse like my silk one. Fitting in with this aesthetic, I’ve been looking for a wood watch to fill a gap in my accessory collection :)

I love the size and shape of this JORD Ely watch. I have teensy wrists, so bigger watches that actually fit are always a challenge to find. This one makes a statement but is still understated with the color of the wood. It is super lightweight and the clasp is invisible, which is really neat.

The unboxing was so exciting! Look at this beautiful packaging:


It has fit in so nicely with my wardrobe and pulls together my outfits in just the right way! I wear it almost every day and it is getting softer and warmer colored with wear.

Verdict? Wood watch for the win!


NB: This watch was sent to me by JORD for review. All opinions are my own, as usual!



There, you’ve been warned.

It’s almost summer here in New England, which can only mean one thing: It’s time for me to make a swimsuit and take awkward photos of myself! Hooray! But seriously, I love sewing swimsuits and, for me, seeing a swimsuit pattern on a real person is such a help. So here you go!



As soon as I saw this bathing suit pattern in the new Named pattern collection, I knew I had to make one for myself! I love this suit! It was fun to sew and it is quite comfy. The bottoms hit at a really nice height and the top is so interesting. This galaxy print lycra that Funki Fabrics sent me was the perfect match for this pattern. Just heavy enough to be very supportive, but light enough to be comfortable and flexible. The print held up well through the wash and I soaked a swatch in salt water for a while to make sure it wouldn’t disintegrate and so far so good! I’ll update later once the suit itself has been in the ocean and the pool but so far, this seems like an excellent swimwear material! (Yes, the fabric was provided for me by Funki Fabrics, but all opinions are my own.) Are you sewing yourself swim (or any other special) wear this summer?

Swimsuit Details:

Pattern: Beverly Twisted Bikini from Named Clothing

Fabric: Diesel Twilight printed lycra, lining left over from last year’s suits

Size: 38 top and 40 bottom

Alterations/Changes: None! Next time I think I’ll size up the bottoms a bit at the waist and lower the back leg opening as they are a bit cheeky :) I am also going to stitch the twist in place at the front neck. After wearing it for a while, the twist tends to migrate up to my neck…which is less than comfortable.


Hey friends! Check out my post over on Sew Sweetness today reviewing this Burda wrap blouse. I’ll be back here with our regularly scheduled programming later this week!





I like that you can see my house and my husband reflected in my glasses :)




You guys, how is it already May?!? I feel like just yesterday there was a ten foot pile of snow out in front of my house. It always happens that when we come back from April break at school, the year is over. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the onset of spring or the rapid approach of summer. Not me. No sir. But yes, it’s May. And that means Me-Made-May is upon us again! I love this challenge! It’s going to feel a bit different this year as I’ve been sewing for about two years now but also just did a gigantic wardrobe purge in which a lot of me-mades went to the charity shops. So here’s my pledge this year:


I, Carrie of Oh, She Dabbles, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear a me-made item each day for the duration of May 2015 and not have any total outfit repeats.

Now what have we here? Just a new hand-knit sweater! Everything about this outfit makes me smile: one of my favorite dresses from Boden (seen previously here in Barcelona), a necklace from my darling husband for our anniversary, the most fabulous Sven clogs, my go-to Warby Parkers, and the Clare Vivier bag I treated myself to when I finished paying off my student loans. And a new sweater!! This sweater is the perfect addition to my spring wardrobe because it layers over my waist-defined dresses so nicely. And check out these short rows…no evidence at all! Woo!


Sweater Details

Pattern: Lila Pullover by Maddermade

Size: 38

Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Fossil

Alterations/Changes: I knit it about 2.5″ shorter than what the pattern calls for. There were a few reasons for this decision. One, I’m super short waisted and usually wear waist-defined dresses. And two, I didn’t have nearly enough yarn! I only had 7 skeins because I had originally bought it for another sweater but decided I didn’t like the pattern anymore. But I was determined to make it work. I’m so glad I did because this yarn is perfect for this pattern. Soft and wooly and not even a little bit itchy (despite me being quite sensitive to wool usually.) So good! Oh, I also used size 5 needles for the sleeve cuffs because they were way too loose on the size 6s. Otherwise, I knitted it entirely as written. It’s a great pattern and would be an excellent first sweater to try.

So there we have it! May already! Also it was incredibly windy while taking these photos so I’ll leave you with one of the many awkward outtakes:


So many things to manage!