Shirt: Self-made (details below)//Leggings: Self-made, blogged here//Boots: Land’s End

Say hello to my winter uniform! I love these pieces all so much and have been wearing them non-stop, both all together and mixed in with many other clothing friends. After a long hunt, I finally found a replacement pair of black boots. My other ones were 7 years old and when I got them out of storage with my winter clothes, I realized that they really needed to be retired. I couldn’t be more pleased with these ones from Lands’ End. They’re super comfortable and ride the line of dressy just perfectly so I can easily dress them up or down. Plus the leather is SO soft. And the price is so reasonable. Okay enough about them, suffice it to say, when it’s not actively raining or snowing, chances are you’ll find me in these.

Lately, I’ve been trying to slow myself down with my sewing. I tend to get a bit maniacal and try to make ALL. THE. THINGS. I got totally overwhelmed but then I took a second and realized…it doesn’t matter! These self-imposed deadlines were just that and no one cared if I finished the shirt when I wanted to or not. It’s been a real relief (though it has lead to sparse blog posts, sorry!) and this shirt was pretty much the first piece made with that mindset. It took me a few weeks to make because I only worked on it when it was fun. As soon as I got bored or frustrated or was just doing it to finish, I stopped. And the results are a really nice, carefully made shirt. I’m not totally convinced it’s the best silhouette for me, but I do love this particular version (and it was perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!)

I had a number of sewing firsts on this shirt (tower plackets, facing instead of a collar stand, etc.), so taking my time was definitely the way to go. Also, I can’t remember who said this (maybe Lindsay? Yep, it was Lindsay.), but this totally includes the hardest parts of a button up and the hardest parts of a dress. All in all, I’m not dying to make another, but I’m very pleased with this one.

Shirt Details: 

Pattern: Bruyere Shirt by Deer and Doe

Fabric: Ikat from Grey’s Fabric (I love this fabric, but it still turns me red every time I wear it, fair warning)

Size: 40 in the bust, graded to 42 in the waist and hip

Alterations/Changes: None really, besides grading between sizes. I also stitched down the first inch of the inverted box pleats to help them lay flatter. And all my inside seams are Frenched. Every. last. one.





Oh, hi! I finally have some new makes! I’ve been sick, busy, and, oh, busy. Anyway, I missed you all, so I froze my tush off to get some new blog photos. After helping Jenny photograph her awesome plaid circle skirt, I knew I needed to make my own. I snagged this fun tweed from Mood when it was on special and it is so lovely and drapey! This is my first ever circle skirt, believe it or not, but there will definitely be more.

I also knit myself a new circle scarf (to go with my circle skirt). It’s the Tartan Lula Hoop pattern from Wool and the Gang. It was such a quick knit on giant needles and it is SO warm!

Skirt Details:

Pattern: Drafted using By Hand London’s circle skirt app

Fabric: Carolina Herrera Tweed from Mood; I lined it fully with rayon so it wouldn’t stick to my tights, because it is definitely a winter skirt. I hand hemmed it with my favorite gold bias tape from the lovely Katy & Laney.

Also, I can’t stop spinning in this thing…Too much fun. I tried to make a GIF, but, let’s face it, I’m not that fancy.



All of a sudden, it has decided to be winter here in Massachusetts. We even had a little snow last weekend, which I was definitely not emotionally prepared for. But sweater weather, well, I won’t complain about that! I’m also finally coming out of my sewing funk (making huge progress on my sewing room organization is definitely helping. You can catch peeks of that on my Instagram @shedabbles.) So, what am I thinking of sewing this winter?

winter topsFor tops, I’m planning the following:


winter bottomsFor bottoms, I’m excited to expand my skills and try:


winter otherAnd a few more things in the works:

What are your winter sewing plans? (Or summer plans for my southern hemisphere peeps!)



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Recently, one of my favorite online fabric shops, Hawthorne Threads, reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in helping them launch their new fabric line, Bengal, which is designed and printed in-house. When I saw the samples, I eagerly said yes! I love the simple and timeless color scheme paired with the intricate and whimsical designs. Plus, white and indigo is one of my favorite color combinations. I had a hard time picking which pattern to choose, but ended up going with Hide and Seek. I love the sneaky tigers and all the fun details, but from far away, it reads remarkably neutral. I decided to pair it with a simple navy, but the pattern mixing possibilities are endless with this collection!


And, lucky you, Hawthorne Threads is giving away a fat quarter bundle to one reader! Just check out the Bengal collection and let me know your favorite print and what you’d make with it in the comments. Giveaway is open internationally and I’ll be choosing a winner in one week on 11/11.


Dress Details:

Pattern: Emery Dress by Christine Haynes (which is now available as a PDF as well!)

Size: 4 at bust graded to 8 at waist

Fabric: Hide and Seek digitally printed cotton c/o Hawthorne Threads

Alterations/Changes: I made all the same changes as I did on my first Emery dress (which was many). I also added the sleeves (though I forgot to add extra length to the sleeves to make up for my narrow back adjustment so they fit a bit funny in the shoulder) and collar this time and fully lined the dress so I could wear it with tights.



Check out the rest of the blog hop to see the other great makes with this collection and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Bengal Blog Hop

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Thursday, 11/6 Noodlehead

Friday, 11/7 Red Pepper Quilts







I recently had the opportunity to test the Geometry Top, the newest release from Katy & Laney. Yes, I’m real-life friends with these two (thanks to the Crafty Foxes sewing club) and I received the pattern free to test, but all opinions are, as always, my own.

I love this kind of top: boxy but with interesting style lines. I made up view B and am super pleased with the way it turned out. The only thing I would do differently would be to lower the neckline a  little bit, but lucky you, it’s been lowered in the released pattern!

Katy and Laney recommend drapey fabrics for this top, so I returned to my favorite: rayon challis. To play with the style lines, I knew I wanted to do some fun pattern/color blocking so I decided to shibori dye my rayon. I got white rayon, prewashed and ironed it, and went to town. I started by folding my yardage (1 yard of 60″, FYI). The first fold was cut edge to cut edge. I accordion folded in this direction three times until my fabric was folded to be a long accordion approximately 60″ x 9″. My pieces of wood were about 9″ long, so that’s what determined the width of my fabric. Then I accordion folded roughly 2″ sections, pressing my accordion occasionally to keep it crisp, until my whole bundle was roughly 2″ x 9″. I placed one piece of wood on either side of the bundle and bound tightly (as tight as I possibly could) with three pieces of strong string, one in the middle and one at each end. Those strings resulted in the thin white vertical lines you can see in the pattern. For the color, I wanted something a bit brighter than a traditional indigo, so I mixed together two colors of Dylon dye. I used one packet each of Jeans Blue and Bahama Blue. I followed the dying instructions for my fabric but only kept my bundle submerged in the dye for 15 minutes. Then I rinsed it, still bundled, in cold water until the water ran clear (this took forever). I clipped the strings, opened up the fabric, and rinsed it again until the water ran clear. Finally, I washed it in warm water in the washing machine and tumble dried it on low to really set the color.

For the first time, I’m completely thrilled with how my dying turned out! I am in love with this fabric! It’s so flowy and soft and I think it looks really striking with the black.

Top Details:

Pattern: Geometry Top by Katy & Laney –> ON SALE FOR 20% off until 10/26!

Size: I cut a straight size 6, because it matches my measurements exactly, and am very happy with the fit; view B

Fabric: DIY Shibori (see details above), Rayon challis

Alterations/Changes: None. Since I was testing the pattern, I wanted to make it exactly as written. As I mentioned above, the only think I would change is the lowered neckline, which has been done in the published pattern! I French seamed everything, so it has a super clean inside, though I forgot to take any guts pictures.

Here’s a bonus though, when I went to take photos, I realized my nail polish (Julep Emerson) perfectly matched my shirt! Let’s pretend I have the styling instinct and forethought to do something like this on purpose…

The unintentional nail match: